Viktoriya was raised in Kiev Ukraine, a place of uncompromising beauty, surrounded by green hills, historical buildings and turquoise blue river Dnepr. Growing up immersed in Art and music Viktoriya’s grandmother also had passion for antiques and interior design, her house was full of beautiful plats and textures. All the sweet memories: of human size paintings on the walls and play time in the summer garden had big influence on artist further life journey After moving to the West Cost from home Viktoriya discovered completely New World - The world of European Floral Artistry and jumped on the board of amazing company under supervision of most talented artist - floral sculptor David Filter. Bright Las Vegas sun and magnificent tropical flowers brought many new projects with German and Polish designers which was a turning point in Viktoriya career, learning the core of floral grammar to advance level of tropical sculptures brought the new road of opportunities. Shortly after Viktoriya moved to NYC when she decided to base in Brooklyn finding bliss in styling flowers and product photography.  Combining all the important skills yang ambitious designer started collaboration on promotional campaign applying signature stark imagery, sense of style and floral arranging experience Meanwhile working with the biggest floral empires of NYC , focusing on event installations and wedding productions. Today Viktoriya an artist and floral designer with 20 years experience.

Viktoriya's philosophy is that every artist should bravely explore their full potential in order to bring something different to the World. “In the right hands flowers become form of Art"



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